It's Here, Title Variance | A Short Film

If you knew the fate of two individuals, and by saving the life of one you deny life to another, who would you chose?

In this silent film directed by Daniel Shetler, and written by Micah MacDonald, Caleb Shetler, Ethan Keyser, and Daniel Shetler, the young boy played by Joseph Carson is faced with this very decision. He must choose between the life of his sister who has always felt the love and care of her family, or a stranger the same age as his sister who has only ever known hardship and cruelty.

Up and Down

As with most projects in life, there are often setbacks and delays, and film is no exception. No film has ever been made where something has not gone wrong. But even knowing this it still can hurt when principle photography gets delayed, or commitments fall through. But if filmmakers gave up that easily some of the worlds greatest films would never have been made. Filmmaking is like building  a puzzle. There are so many pieces and so many variables. But a good director knows where each piece goes, how to overcome obstacles, and how to make the best of each situation. 

Title Variance Script 


Our latest short film TITLE VARIANCE produced by Improbius Films and directed by Daniel Shetler is an entirely original work, written by Daniel Shetler, Micah MacDonald, Ethan Keyser, and Caleb Shetler. Based on the premise that often from terrible and unexplainable tragedies are unseen blessings. There are many who have lost loved ones in car accidents and wonder what good could possibly come from such an injustace. Title Variance address that vary issue allowing the audience a unique perspective from both sides of the equation. 

Production photo from the first day of principle photography.

Title Variance is a silent film, meaning there will be production sound and music, but no dialog. This intern adds both positive and negative aspects to the creation of this film. The upside, is less crew. Not having to record audio for every take allows for faster production times and with a crew that is made of students that have full time jobs during the summer, this is a save. The downside to this, is where there is lacking dialog, acting with just facial expressions and body movements makes it harder to convince the audience. 

This scene is both scary and beautiful at the same time.

Setting up the lights for the last scene from the first day of shooting.

With this film we have been abundantly blessed with both talent and crew. all but two of the actors in this film we had not previously worked with. and some brought more than acting to the table. From makeup stylists to production assistants we have accumulated the perfect crew for this film.But it is more than just the talent they bring to the table, it is their spirt that is so powerful. The majority of this crew is made up of college students who hold full time jobs. To have people so willing to help, learn, and grow with us on this journey is truly inspiring. 

Bouncing some light.

Its not the camera that makes or breaks a film, its what happens in front...
— Daniel Shetler